Topic Name Description
Topic 1 File Help. I Have Gifted Students
This powerpoint provides an introduction to gifted students; their characteristics and instructional needs.
File Educational Options for Gifted Students- Elementary version
Topic 2 File Recognizing Gifted Students: A Practical Guide for Teachers
This article by Sandra Manning summarizes the traits of gifted children in an easy to read and understand format.
URL Article for Depth of Complexity Practice
This article is the information source for the Kaplan Depth of Complexity activity for the workshop.
Topic 3 Page Directions for Tiered Assignments
File Tiered Assignment Sample for grades 6-8
File Tiered Assigment Sample for grades 9-12
Page Directions for Study Guides and Extension Menus
Page Directions for Independent Study Projects
Page Directions for Resident Expert Planner
File Directions for Curriculum Compacting
File Sample Curriculum Compactor Document
File Template for Curriculum Compacting
Page Directions for Socratic Seminar
File Kaplan's Depth of Complexity Chart and Sample
File SCAMPER template
File SCAMPER example
File Revised Bloom's Taxonomy
This resource was taken from a Wayne County Schools posting.
Topic 4 Page Resources for Teaching Gifted in Regular Ed
URL Learning Style and Multiple Intelligences Inventory
Topic 6 Page Assignment #2