Activating Attitude Activity and Lesson Forum

Activating Attitude Activity and Lesson Forum

Read the Motivation, Not IQ, Matters Most for Learning New Math Skills article on Time magazine’s website (referenced in section 6.d. of Chapter 3 in the eBook).

Now mash up that idea with the excerpt from pages 207-208 of Wiggins and McTighe’s Understanding by Design provided in  in item 6.e. in the "Strategies" section of the "Learning Strategies for Remediation" Chapter in the eBook (or read the full text if you have access to a copy of Understanding by Design).

Develop and share a lesson or activity that targets the learning or mastery of an Algebra concept AND leverages at least two of the following beliefs / strategies:

  • “It’s not how smart we are; it’s how motivated we are…”
  • Instant immersion in questions, problems, challenges…
  • Thought provocation…
  • Experimental shocks…
  • Personal connection…
  • Differing points of view…

Upload any relevant materials and/or artifacts that explain and are used in the activity or lesson so that other educators can successfully learn about and implement your strategy. 
The text of your posting should describe the lesson/activity in general terms, identify the targeted grade level / skill / standard, and tell us which of the two beliefs / strategies listed above are leveraged in the lesson/activity.

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