Create My Own Tile From Scratch - Know How to Capture a Tile Graphic

1) Identify an appropriate screen capture program that will be used to snag a snapshot of of the icon that will be used on the tile (just in case a suitable tile is not already available in Symbaloo).

For Windows7, the Snip application that is included with Windows7 is an excellent
For other versions of Windows, PrintKey2000 is highly recommended. (Click to download)
Jing is also a potential contender.
For the Macintosh, the free version of Jing is recommended. (Click to download) If you must use the Apple Grab program, be aware that Grab can not save graphics in ANY web-friendly format. Therefore, any graphics saved using Grab will need to be imported and exported to either jpg or png format using iPhoto.evil

2) Download, install, and learn how to use the appropriate screen capture software. Sorry, we will not cover this topic here.
Last modified: Thursday, 21 June 2012, 4:12 PM