Create My Own Tile From Scratch - Create the Tile

1) Click on Edit webmix.
Edit webmix button
2) Click on a blank tile in the webmix.

3) Click on Creating your own tile.
Create your own tile button
4.1) Highlight the provided "http://" website address prefix and Paste in the desired URL link that we copied to the clipboard earlier.
On a Windows computer press Ctrl + V
On a Macintosh computer press Command + V
Add address of website
4.2) Edit the name that Symbaloo provided for the tile.

This title will pop up when the mouse is positioned over this tile (on mouseover).

By default this name will also always appear over the lower portion of the tile. If the graphic will be adequately descriptive, this text can be hidden by unchecking Display the name on the tile.
Edit tile name
4.3 ) Click on Upload your own Image to begin the process of creating your own tile.

Upload Image button
4.3.1) Browse your local storage to find the graphical image that was saved to be used for this tile, select the graphic file, and click on Upload.

Note the requirements for the tile graphic:
png, gif, or jpg image no larger than 1 MB.
Upload time image steps
4.3.2) Use any of the 8 grab handles to reposition and resize the portion of the graphic that will be used on the tile.

Note: The finished tile will have some beveled effects around the edges, so be sure to leave some white space.
Select tile graphic
4.3.3) Observe the image in the preview area and click on a background color that compliments the graphic image.

Click on Add tile to webmix.
Finish the graphic
5) Click on the new tile to add it to the webmix.
Click to add the tile
6) If the new tile did not land at the desired location within the webmix, click and drag the tile to the desired unoccupied location.

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