Assignment #2: Online Component

1. Using a combination of different educational options, develop an
entire unit of study for your classroom with embedded activities that
will meet the needs of gifted students.

Parameters for unit of study:
• Length of unit of study‐ at least 5 instructional periods
• Number of “gifted” educational options‐ at least 2
• Must include expanded description of options that will be used
• Must include completed templates
• Must include any behavioral or time management strategies that
will be employed
• Must include pre‐assessment strategy that will be used, if

2. Provide constructive feedback for at least 2 other participant’s units
of study as to appropriateness, feasibility, creativity and any other
comments deemed necessary.

Use of the Wiki site for the posting of units of study and feedback is required for all participants.

Due date: February 25, 2011.
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