Directions for Study Guide and Extension Menu

1. Determine and list the key concepts for the unit of study.

2. Describe related concepts that will not be included in the unit of study - concepts to study in depth if time permitted.

3. Create a study guide for the key concepts only. See sample on p. 71.

Students will complete this study guide at their own pace while you provide direct instruction for the rest of the class.

4. Develop formative assessments to check for understanding of the key concepts in the study guide.

These assessments should be occurring at regular intervals while the study guide is being completed.

5. Create an extension menu using the related concepts from step #2 above.

Bloom’s taxonomy is useful for this menu.

Leave the center space of the menu open for student choice.

6. Have students determine the method they would like to use to present the information investigated in the extension menu. (p. 80)

7. Discuss parameters of completing this work using the independent study agreement for both the study guide and independent study. (pp. 75-76)

8. Determine and discuss the grading policy for both the study guide and extension menu project. (p. 77)

Important to remember about this method:

Students do not need to do the actual daily work of the other students.

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